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Hi Jon,

On 2016-08-03 9:15 AM, Gunderson, Jon R wrote:
> Joseph,
> Does managed states include the calculation of aria-setsize, aria-posinset and aria-level?
> Jon

See the section on "Group Position" in the Core-AAM, where the user
agent has some responsibility for calculating their associated AAPI

But, to split a few hairs:

1. aria-setsize, aria-position, and aria-level are not states.  They are
2. They are DOM attributes, not AAPI features.
3. AAPI states are dynamic in that they change over time.  For example,
what is selected, what has keyboard focus, what is visible, what is
checked, and so on, change as the user interacts with the page. 
Setsize, posinset, and level are fixed.  There is a chance they might
change, but that's rare.

The action Cynthia is working on has to do with changing AAPI states,
and which changes the user agent manages implicitly.


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