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Does managed states include the calculation of aria-setsize, aria-posinset and aria-level?


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>Hi Cynthia,
>On 2016-08-02 1:22 PM, Cynthia Shelly wrote:
>> I could use some input on Issue 980. In particular, does anyone know the history behind "managed states" (Rich?)
>You probably already know this, but the one clue I know of is in the
>Core-AAM [1].  The set of managed states are the ones that change
>regardless of the presence of an aria-* state or property.
>That means that these are AAPI states that are managed by the user agent
>even when the author has not used ARIA.  As an example (warning: 
>speculation ahead), when a document loads into the browser, there is a
>point where it is considered loaded, and the browser fires an onloaded
>event.  I speculate, for example, that the user agent initially sets
>STATE_BUSY while the document is loading, and then clears it when the
>document is loaded (note:  using ATK-AT-SPI state here).
>Somewhere, for each AAPI, there is a list of states it supports.  See,
>for example, Mozilla's list of MSAA states [2].  Which ones are managed
>by the browser irrespective of ARIA?

>item 1.

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