Re: Comments on WD-xmlgl-20010829

Dear Björn,

Thank you for your comments about the following Working Draft:
XML Accessibility Guidelines
W3C Working Draft 29 August 2001

You may be happy to learn that we have incorporated all except for two
minor points of your extensive feedback. The changes are incorporated
into the following revision, the next version of the Working Draft
after the one you commented on:
XML Accessibility Guidelines
W3C Working Draft 3 October 2002

This is the present version of the Working Draft. The two points of
feedback that we did not incorporate are the typographical correction
to Guideline 2.5, and the semantic correction to the Techniques for
3.3. I believe that the first was an oversight; the second was
probably an oversight too. I expect that the group will want to
correct these issues in any future drafts.

I am no longer a member of the WAI PF WG, but am still the editor of
the most recent Working Draft. I would like to take this opportunity
to thank you for your feedback on the draft, and to apologise for the
length of time it has taken us to get back to you to confirm that we
made most of the necessary changes, despite the fact that we
implemented these around the time.

You note the following at the bottom of your message:

> I'll comment on the guidelines and techniques in more detail when I get
> time. I think there are some things missing...

I suppose you have not found the time in these ten years or so to
comment on the draft in more detail, but I encourage you to do so.
Having taken ten years to confirm that we implemented your feedback, I
can certainly understand how these points can get forgotten.

Warm regards,

P.S. For reference, your original comments were filed here:
Comments on WD-xmlgl-20010829
From: Bjoern Hoehrmann
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 06:02:35 +0200

Sean B. Palmer,
XML Accessibility Guidelines editor

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