html5 aria mapping

  Hi Steve, all

Today I again skimmed over

What does the text "User agents are required to implement WAI-ARIA 
semantics on all HTML elements" mean?

In Firefox for example, we map HTML to accessibility API. We also 
specifically map ARIA to accessibility API. But we don't currently do 
any mapping from HTML to ARIA so I don't know if we "implement WAI-ARIA 
semantics on all HTML elements". I find this confusing.

Aside: Additionally, in Firefox we generally allow ARIA to trump HTML 
because we realize that if we can't trust web developers to use ARIA 
properly, then their web app probably isn't going to be accessible 
anyways. This has been the general sentiment in the UIA-TF meetings but 
we haven't met in a long while and only two browsers have representation.


Received on Thursday, 30 September 2010 14:56:09 UTC