Re: longdesc (was Re: use of aria-hidden to provide a text description not visible on the page.)

Laura Carlson, Wed, 15 Sep 2010 15:50:57 -0500:
> Hi Benjamin,
> Thank you very much for your email. It is much food for thought and 
> discussion.
>> If the WG is to provide a solution, they must be persuaded there is 
>> a problem.
> I had hoped that the problem could be demonstrated via the newly
> presented sites [1] that use longdesc, especially the ones with no
> visual link text clutter. These sites are not hypothetical. They are
> real. They were not presented prior to the decision to drop longdesc.
> They are new information.

I think that there has appeared much info since the Decision. And I 
think those pages you have collected are very useful in indeed. I hope 
that someone could formulate at argumetn that takes in the full 
picture: use cases, example in the wild, AT implementations and ARIA.
leif halvard silli

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