Re: Proposal: User Interface Independence for Accessible Rich Internet Applications

I just read this proposal, and as a developer who has worked with ARIA for several years now, I think that this is really headed in the right direction both in terms of helping to ensure that widgets get implemented correctly as well as giving developers the tools they need.

Particularly, I think AT detection and notification is long overdue.  For years, web developers have had the ability to use JavaScript to patch or work around browser inconsistencies and deficiencies, but often our hands are completely tied when it comes to making adjustments to work around similar problems with AT.  The mutability of the BOM and DOM are part of why the browser has been such a successful platform.  As we move forward we need to enable developers to improve the user experience for users of AT in a way that moves at the pace of the Web!  This proposal helps move us in that direction.

Todd Kloots
Accessibility Engineer
Yahoo!, Inc.

Received on Monday, 8 November 2010 21:11:21 UTC