[aapi] bug 7019 Actions

I've been looking at section 4.7 on actions to finish up bug 7019.  It looks like a lot of the work has been done, but here are things that need further discussion

Actions are exposed by the following rules
*             the element is focusable  [does being focusable enable an action?  What action?  Why?]
*             the element has registered a click event handler [hooks up click/activate action]
*             the element is xlink [what action does this hook up?  Navigate? Click/activate?]
*             the element has a WAI-ARIA role allowing action (see the following table)
*             the element has a WAI-ARIA state or property that enables additional actions

Should we merge the menu stuff in 4.8.4 with the first table in 4.7?  they seem similar.

Received on Monday, 12 July 2010 21:15:43 UTC