Re: Questions arising from ARIA/HTML5 integration

Ian Hickson wrote:
>> they will all need to be mapped to the platform accessibility APIs by the
>> browser.
>> if i was attempting to emulate the semantics of the input type="date" using
>> ARIA I would use role="textbox" with aria-haspopup="true"
> Would that result in the optimum interface in an AT?

That is a very big question and hard to give a definitive answer to. I
would suggest, (not just to you Ian but to all involved in this
discussion), that we try to stick to the semantic purity level rather
than anticipate exactly how AT should deal with outputs of the ARIA/HTML
integration issue - as this issue is in flux.

I say this because what Ian has asked is a very important question -
that will need to be addressed -  I but feel that it would be best to
stick to "what is the best model for ARIA/HTML integration" rather than
anticipate how these outputs will be implemented in AT. I am rather
concerned about the potential for user agent (AT) complexity increasing.
Basically I wish to see the technology do some mediation to alleviate
this complexity at the application layer.



Received on Friday, 4 September 2009 10:12:23 UTC