Re: Questions arising from ARIA/HTML5 integration

On Tue, 1 Sep 2009, Steven Faulkner wrote:
> note: removed as this is meant for last call 
> comments on the wai aria spec.

My e-mail was intended to be taken as last call comments on the WAI ARIA 
spec, for what it's worth.

> i have taken a stab at answering some of your questions.
> What roles should I use for the following elements?
> <input type=date>
>  <input type=time>
>  <input type=datetime>
>  <input type=datetime-local>
>  <input type=month>
>  <input type=week>
>  <input type=color>
>  <input type=file>
> these all appear as text boxes with a  button/keystroke associated to open a
> dialog no?

No, their UI varies greatly.

> they will all need to be mapped to the platform accessibility APIs by the
> browser.
> if i was attempting to emulate the semantics of the input type="date" using
> ARIA I would use role="textbox" with aria-haspopup="true"

Would that result in the optimum interface in an AT?

> <meter>
>  <time>
>  <keygen>
> <abbr>
>  <ruby>/<rt>/<rp>
>  <ins>/<del>
> <video>
>  <audio>
> <iframe>
> <thead>/<tbody>/<tfoot>
> none, as far as I can tell , could not find accessibility API mappings for
> any of these

Is that a problem?

> <dl>/<dt>/<dd>
> may be mapped to accessibility API as a list

Could you elaborate? What should I add to the table? How do we keep the 
dts associated with their dds, or is that not necessary?

> <figure>/<legend>
> figure may be mapped as a grouping role and legend would be the accessible
> name

What would I need to add to the tables in the spec to achieve this?

> <caption>
> is mapped to platform API as the accessible name of a table

How do I denote this in the spec?

> >Should I make aria-haspopup="" be true when an element has a
> >contextmenu="" attribute, or is aria-haspopup="" only intended for
> >indicating the availability of non-native context menus?
> i don't understand why you would want to do this, it is my understanding
> that ARIA is not meant to be used to map the default
> roles/states/preoperties of native controls onto platform accessibility
> APIs, but perhaps it could be used in cases where the accessibility APIs do
> not have the roles/states and properties defined in ARIA (example is the
> MSAA does not have a header as in H1 role.)

Should I not have the default roles in the spec then?

I'm really not sure what the right thing is here. I was hoping that the 
responses to my last call comments would answer these questions, so I'm 
operating rather in the dark here.

> >Does the presence of <thead>, <tbody>, and <tfoot> between elements with
> >role=row and role=gridcell have an effect on the ARIA conformance of a
> >document, given that it means the element with role=gridcell is not a
> >child of the element with role=row? If so, how should I address this
> >issue?
> the <thead>, <tbody>, and <tfoot> do not appear to have any meaning in MSAA
> and are not included in the accessible tree, so i would say that there
> presence has no effect.

It would be good if the ARIA spec could be clarified to this effect.

> >Should I expose the multitude of labels in HTML (title="" everywhere,
> ><option label="">, etc) using "aria-label"?
> title attribute content is already exposed through accessibility APIs  as
> the accessible name, so don't see why it is needed?

Ok. Not doing it is certainly a lot easier for me, I just wasn't sure 
what was expected.

On Tue, 1 Sep 2009, Steven Faulkner wrote:
> clarification for <keygen>
> the roles and properties it could be mapped to depends upon how its UI 
> is presented in the browser.

On Tue, 1 Sep 2009, Steven Faulkner wrote:
> clarification for
> <input type=time>
> <input type=datetime>
>  <input type=datetime-local>
> as implemented in Opera these should all have a role of 
> ROLE_SYSTEM_SPINBUTTON in MSAA with an accessible description that 
> provides info about the format.

So exactly what mappings should I put in the spec for these?

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