Draft Minutes for HTML Caucus, 9 October

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                                                           - DRAFT -

                                       Protocols and Formats Working Group Teleconference
                                                          09 Oct 2009

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          Cooper, Janina, Steve_Faulkner, Cynthia_Shelly, Rich, Tim_Boland


          janina, Rich


     * Topics
         1. WCAG HTML 5 comments
         2. Recent Developments - HTML WG Process; Joint TF
     * Summary of Action Items

   <trackbot> Date: 09 October 2009

   <janina> Meeting: PF/HTML_Caucus telecon

   <janina> agenda: this

   <janina> http://www.w3.org/2009/09/25-pf-minutes.html

   <janina> http://www.w3.org/2009/09/25-pf-minutes.html

   <Stevef> Google Wave Preview Accessibility Review http://webaim.org/blog/google-wave-preview-accessibility-review/

   <MichaelC> Grand list: http://www.w3.org/2009/08/html5-spec-review

   <janina> scribe: janina

   <richardschwerdtfe> scribe: Rich

WCAG HTML 5 comments

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: Michael has the list and will respond to Loretta

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: Should we enter defects in Bugzilla?

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: We should file them as formal PF comments

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: I don't know whether we need to file these in my name, Janina, or PF

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: We should have an accessibility keyword

   <richardschwerdtfe> Stevef: how are we going to sign off?

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: We need to file these as PF comments which will buy us time on the documents

   <richardschwerdtfe> Stevef: I want to discuss what came out of yesterday's meeting

   <richardschwerdtfe> Stevef: Rich and I attended the call

   <MichaelC> HTML Bugzilla: http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/enter_bug.cgi?product=HTML%20WG

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: what should we use as the keyword - a11y or pfwg?

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: Both. a11y for things that are general accessibility issues

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: pfwg for general working group issues

   <richardschwerdtfe> Cynthia and Rich: we don't need to vet keywords through the working group

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: I will just create two keywords. a11y - accessibility issues. PFWG - Formal comments from
   the Protocols and Formats working group

   <richardschwerdtfe> Stevef: where is the key word?

   <Stevef> http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/enter_bug.cgi

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: you go into there and go into htmlwg

   <richardschwerdtfe> Stevef: I am in htmlwg

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: it is like the third from the last text for the keyword button

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: perhaps you have different permsissions

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: who has the power to describe what keywords

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: we need to establish whether using keywords is the proper procedure

Recent Developments - HTML WG Process; Joint TF

   <richardschwerdtfe> Rich: who is coordinating?

   <richardschwerdtfe> Rich: we could have either Cynthia or I represent the HTML side

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: I would prefer that some non-accessibility person for HTML

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: I have 3 concerns with the process

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: I am concerned that there is too much power in the editors hand in the process for sign

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: I am concerned about the procedure. If the commenter is not satisfied then you can
   escalate to the group.

   <Laura> HTML Working Group Decision Policy

   <Laura> http://dev.w3.org/html5/decision-policy/decision-policy.html

   <richardschwerdtfe> Cynthia: everyone here has a day job so we cannot write accessibility proposals on the existing 100
   or so bugs this month

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: I think having the loop hole is problematic

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: there is not consensus on the proposals

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: you could have a situation as to where the editor and commenter are satisfied but nothing
   else is

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: It could be very lite weight

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: I prefer that it be more active on the survey

   <richardschwerdtfe> Rich: you did not raise the issues on the process on the call. Can we still raise the issue?

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: Yes, through the back channel.

   <richardschwerdtfe> Rich and Cynthia: need to split up duties with chair and/or editor

   <richardschwerdtfe> SteveF: there are 70 or so points of change now. and 40 or so need bugs submitted

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: this can't be submitted as one bug

   <richardschwerdtfe> Cynthia: no. Maciej thought this was best submitted in indivdual bugs where possible

   <richardschwerdtfe> Cynthia: should we referred by extension or inclusion?

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: We don't need an extension but we should refer to the aria spec.

   <richardschwerdtfe> Cynthia: how do we do a second version of ARIA.

   <richardschwerdtfe> Cynthia: I think we should do a second version of ARIA.

   <richardschwerdtfe> Rich: we will need a separate spec. for ARIA that is referenced and we need to address the
   individual elements where equivalent aria semantics are available

   <richardschwerdtfe> Cynthia: politics should be addressed when the TF is up and running

   <richardschwerdtfe> Cynthia: Rich could you come if someone covered your hotel

   <richardschwerdtfe> Rich: will see. I have a november 4 commitment

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: I believe the HTML chairs are relying on people to volunteer

   <richardschwerdtfe> Cynthia: Laura volunteered but said she did not have a lot of time to participate

   <richardschwerdtfe> SteveF: Bruce Lawson might be interested

   <richardschwerdtfe> SteveF: I will contact Bruce

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: Please do

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: Mike Smith and I need to connect

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: main thing is get this to happen

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: I don't think we can have a meeting until we decide on the chairs

   <richardschwerdtfe> Janina: can try to decide for next Friday

   <richardschwerdtfe> Michael: don't think that is possible

   <richardschwerdtfe> SteveF: I know Bruce. we should get a reasonable response.

   <Stevef> sam ruby's SVG open keynote http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd7ILwrFwQY

Summary of Action Items

Scribes: janina, Rich
Present: Cooper Janina Steve_Faulkner Cynthia_Shelly Rich Tim_Boland


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