Re: Thoughts towards an accessible <canvas>

John Foliot - wrote:

> Recently I’ve come under attack (sometimes viscously and personally)
> for daring to suggest that “fail” when writing HTML5 should have
> catastrophic consequences. The most recent incident involves my
> exploration of what should constitute appropriate (and now
> mandatory) fallback content for the <canvas> element. Brushing aside
> the personal attacks by small and narrow minds, I’d like to explore
> and expand upon my position a bit further.

John, I don't think you should have to suffer such attacks.

Would you be willing to publish them, so that the various
WG Chairmen have a chance to review them and to take whatever
action is necessary to ensure that the senders are left in
no doubt that such attacks will not be tolerated ?

Philip TAYLOR.

Received on Sunday, 22 March 2009 08:53:08 UTC