Re: expand/collapse key conflict

I can make updates once there is consensus on what the keys should be. 
These key combinations should only be in effect, overriding the native 
browser behavior, when the user is focused on a treegrid widget. That 
said, when you need magnification you need it and there shouldn't be a 
'black hole' for magnification functionality. This is why we've 
generally steered folks to use control+alt key combinations which seem 
to have the fewest browser/OS encumberances. See my keychart here:


David Bolter wrote:
> Discussing keystrokes for tree grids with Aaron, Marco, Hans, Mick, and
> Alexander at CSUN. We're concerned about the keys for expanding and
> collapsing rows as listed at:
> since there is a conflict
> with magnification (ctrl +/-)
> Hans will follow up with suggestions.
> cheers,
> David

Received on Saturday, 21 March 2009 16:56:14 UTC