Re: [aapi] live roles

Hi Stefan,

When a user agent is mapping aria roles to platform roles, sometimes
there is no good candidate platform role. In these cases we can go with
a best-guess match for a platform role, or we can fall back to a role
based on native markup. Note in these cases we can still expose events
and states to capture the 'live'-ness.

Aside: I feel aria is pushing platform accessibility, so we are in the
churn right now, and probably for the next few years.


Schnabel, Stefan wrote:
> Allowing and forbidding even only a few selected overrides would be contradicting to ARIA concept.
> Who decides about the overrides? I suspect this will cause 100 times more noise than the "summary" thread ..
> - Stefan
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> Hi,
> There are some 'live' roles like "log" and "marquee". The Mozilla team
> is considering these aria roles with respect to platform accessibility
> API mapping.  One strategy is to not let these particular aria roles
> override the native markup mapping. So something like
> <table role="log">
> would continue to map to whatever role the native/host language element
> regularly mapped to (e.g. ROLE_TABLE).
> Thoughts?
> David

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