Re: Draft text for summary attribute definition

Leif Halvard Silli wrote:

> Philip TAYLOR 2009-03-01 11.33:

>> But we are not discussing where the summary should appear visually;
> As if I do? Where is that shaddow you're fighting?

But where are these cells, if not in the physical
(visual) realisation ?  I see no cells in the markup;
all I see are table data and table headings, which
are container elements rather than cells.
>> we are discussing where it should appear in the markup.
> right.
>>  And in the
>> markup, <TABLE> is the 'one "cell" - or place - that relates to all
>> the cells', so it is surely as an attribute of <TABLE> that "summary"
>> should appear.
> Here is a comparison:
> The name of <table> is from now on <html>.
> The name of <tbody> is from now on <body>.
> The name of <caption> - now called <head>.

But <head> elements are defined not to appear in
the rendered page; caption, on the other hand,
is expected to be rendered.

> So, no, I don't see why <caption> is a "totally unrelated concept". For 
> some reason, there is no problem accepting that meta-information and 
> "What this page is about" information goes into the <head> element.

Yes, it goes into the <head> element because the metadata
are not to be rendered.

Philip TAYLO

Received on Sunday, 1 March 2009 16:04:03 UTC