Re: Request to Strengthen the HTML5 Accessibility Design Principle

Ian wrote:

> Is that what you mean by collaboration?

I mean real debate. I've wondered recently whatever happened to the
form of discussion known as debate. I don't mean argument, or hurling
insults or making every effort to look right no matter what the facts
may be. I don't mean twisting the facts to suit a viewpoint, or
selectively choosing those points in a subject which happen to favor a
position, while ignoring the rest. I mean debate; the honest
evaluation of a subject to determine what is real, where both sides of
an issue actively and enthusiastically seek out the truth. Yes, the
truth...that which is the bottom line, the real deal, what is actually
happening and why.

Maybe PF and  HTML WGs can work together and actually debate. I think
that the art of debate is almost dead. Debate died when it became
popular and common place to sacrifice truth for the sake of ego, or
for money. In other words, it takes honesty to have a real debate, and
without that, what you've got are just egos and agendas that will do
anything to be 'right', even if that means lying, making up false
issues, making every issue a personal one, or changing the subject
every two minutes. Having an honest discussion for any length of time
has become very rare indeed. Staying on a topic or subject is
practically unheard of, and so, any real depth of understanding
between people in this modern age is equally shallow.

I've been thinking about this, and contemplated it earnestly for a
long time now. I think the reasons for this dilemma vary, but the
bottom line has become very clearer to me. Essentially, we have become
a society that puts little or no value on seeking, speaking or living
truth. In fact, the word 'truth' is rarely used in daily conversation.
Unfortunately, it is commonly believed that the truth is something to
sacrifice, if that is what is convenient. We're very casual with it.
What is of most importance to the majority of people is the saving of
ego, staying in one's comfort zone, and putting one's feelings or
agenda above all else.

Too many people have shut off their hearts and minds from the
possibility of hearing something that might actually change their
mind. When people are unwilling to even consider an alternative point
of view, the only inevitable outcome is deadlock and stagnation. It
becomes a never-ending battle of one side trying to gain the slightest
of edge over the other, and then the reverse if the balance shifts
again. As long as people refuse to make the effort to understand
someone else's thoughts and viewpoints, conflict and anger are the
result. Frankly, I ‘m tired of being angry. For me now it is more
great sadness and disappointment, in the state of affairs.

I'm hoping the HTML and PF working groups can work together and
actually debate and collaborate to resolve issues. Perhaps the Chairs
have concrete ideas on how this can be facilitated. I know that the PF
has a caucus on HTML issues [1]. That might be an option. I don’t
know. Other ideas?

Best Regards,
Laura L. Carlson

Received on Wednesday, 24 June 2009 07:41:52 UTC