Re: Disambiguating @summary from a long descriptor

Joshue O Connor On 09-06-11 10.32:
> Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>>  I'm suggesting having @summary work exactly as it does
>> now in UAs and maybe adding a less-misuse-prone attribute that we
>> recommend web developers use.  
> That may confuse the issue even more. As then @summary would probably
> be, by default, used as a long descriptor.

I am "on leave" from the HTMLwg for a month, but I have just 
proposed (on Twitter) using <caption role="summary"> to 
disambiguate captions from "summary captions". (I hope this 
message still reaches the mailinglist ...)

OK, I don't know what role="" value to use - may be 
role="contentinfo" or may be something new? (The good thing about 
suggesting to use role="" is that WAI-ARIA, which currently has 
much of the accessibility attention, can then think about the 
issue and specify it better than in HTML 4!)

Test case with discussion:

Some advantages I would mention: Extremely compatible with legacy 
_visual_ user agents (don't know about screen readers - but one 
should think that, with attention ARIA has, that it would be 
rather compatible). Plus that authors easily can change to 
hide/show such summaries to all users.
leif halvard silli

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