Re: Accessibility Procedure Comment

Hi Sam,

Let's start out by stating the obvious: this proposal [1] is not about
one particular feature. Therefore, to stay on topic and to avoid this
thread being hi-jacked again, as the initial message sent proposing
this procedure was, we will not address specifics of summary or
canvas. The proposal stems from weaknesses with regards to
accessibility in the design principles [2] [3] as well as inadequacies
in the process of dealing with accessibility issues and utilizing the
appropriate resources in the last two years. The proposed framework
outlines a way of fulfilling the HTML WG Charter by offering a
consistent way of approaching accessibility features with the support
of the relevant expertise, namely PFWG.

That being said, we would like to address a few points in your email.

> From my perspective #3 is largely redundant with #2 and #4

That is a good catch. Thank you. Number three should be a sub-point of
number two. We made that adjustment in the draft proposal [1].

> Approaches the subject with a goal of making HTML 5 the best solution for everybody,
> including people with disabilities, and including people without disabilities.

Our proposal is about accessibility per W3C/WAI's definition [4] (we
can clarify that in the proposal if there is need). So in some cases,
that means that the specification may need to contain some features
that are *only* of use to people with disabilities, if functional
equivalents are not provided. This was previously explained in the
"Request to Strengthen the HTML5 Accessibility Design Principle"
message. [2] HTML WG's job is to develop a standard for HTML5, not to
redefine accessibility. Since HTML5 is to be a W3C recommendation,
taking into account the W3C's work in this area is very relevant.

> the proposal assumes that there is only one "right" solution, and that
> the "right" solution is the one that we should be adopted.

The procedure proposal does not assume that there is one right
solution. It promotes working together to reach mutually agreeable
solutions that PF can assure us are accessible.

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