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Thanks Steven,
I think this is a fine example of a way to present candidates for 
inclusion into the official draft. Now the update can be evaluated by 
the group and invitees and when accepted the editor(s) or designates 
can move the accepted new content into the current public draft, check 
it, then publish as as the latest and greatest..
Thanks Again and Best Regards,

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> Hi all,
> I have an action item assigned to me
> HTML WG Issue tracker ACTION-131 Draft ALT spec (
> I have made a start on action-131. the drafts are in very rough form 
> (much
> work to be done), but will be the basis for further work.
> I have published outisde the W3C space for now, but will move them 
> to the
> W3C when i work out how to do it.
> Redraft of sub sections '4.8.1 The figure element' and '4.8.2 The 
> img
> element'
> Best practice techniques: Providing text alternatives for images
> -- 
> with regards
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