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Greetings from Mobile Land...

One of the participants in our Introduction to W3C Mobile Web Best
Practices course [1], Jeff Van Campen of the London Web Standards Group
[2], raised this issue on the discussion forum. As that forum isn't
public, I'm copying his mail here as I don't know the answer and I'm
interested to know!

=== Jeff's message begins===

I was at WordCamp UK over the weekend (along with fellow Mobile Best
Practice students Laura Kalbag and Gicela Morales).

As a part of a hacking session Laura, myself and a few other WordPresser
were looking at modifying Kubrick, the default WordPress theme, to work
in a mobile context.

One of the issues we ran into is that Kubrick includes WAI-ARIA roles as
of WordPress 2.8.

As we were working, we removed them, as this made validation easier.

I understand that WAI-ARIA isn't supported on any mobile browsers yet,
but I'd like to add them to the code for two reasons:

1. So that the code is future proof
2. So that they are discoverable by people examining the code, who may
not know about WAI-ARIA

That brings me to two questions:

1. Does anyone know of any issues with WAI-ARIA roles in existing mobile
2. Is it likely that WAI-ARIA will be included as a module in a future
version of XHTML Basic?

=== ends ===

[1] http://www.w3.org/2009/03/mobitrain_course_description.html
[2] http://londonwebstandards.org/


Phil Archer
W3C Mobile Web Initiative


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