Re: PROPOSAL: Procedure to Promote Progress With Accessibility Issues in HTML5

John Foliot wrote:
> Sam Ruby wrote:
>  [some useful information that I will process and ponder upon - trimmed here 
> for brevity]
> Thank you Sam for your detailed response.  One issue not addressed is:
>  "We have offered a concrete procedural proposal that is very real, very 
> much required, and is seriously and in good-faith submitted to the working 
> group and chairs as a formal request.  Deal with it as such.  Either the 
> proposal has merit and should be implemented (with or without further 
> discussion on *merit*), or it is without merit and will be discarded by the 
> chairs."
> As a co-chair to the HTML WG, and as a directly addressed recipient of the 
> initial Proposal, what is the status of the formal request made?  Will it be 
> added to your next conference call agenda?  Will the document provided (that 
> was worked on collaboratively by at least 3 independent contributors - per 
> your instructions) be added to the working documents of HTML5, and will the 
> requested procedural process be formally adopted?

At the moment, that document purports to describe how 10 people are 
operating (at last count 8 of which are Members of the HTML Working 
Group).  If you wish to format it as a W3C document, much as Maciej did 
with his Design Principles document, Mike Smith will provide you with 

The next step would be to call for a Decision of the Working Group to 
publish this document.  Generally, this takes the form of a vote.

However, I will caution you that Maciej's document is viewed as 
incomplete and without the benefit of a determination of consensus, and 
initially your draft would be described in similar terms.

If I sound like a web blanket, I apologize.  I will say that it is my 
opinion that spending your energies on drafting concrete text for the 
summary attribute or on making canvas more accessible or any number of 
other technical proposals will produce something of a more lasting value 
than working on a procedure proposal.  But that's just my personal 
opinion.  If you wish to pursue such a document, I will see to it that 
you get the support you need.

> JF

- Sam Ruby

Received on Monday, 20 July 2009 20:00:54 UTC