Normative warnings (was: Re: ACTION-128: Draft @summary voting text in conjunction with PF)

On Jul 8, 2009, at 11:26, Ian Hickson wrote:

> On Wed, 8 Jul 2009, Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> I don't like downplayed errors. On one hand they want to be errors  
>> but
>> on the other, they are something that are designed to be easily
>> ignorable. I have dragged my feet with them hoping they'd go away.  
>> One
>> day I almost started implementing them but then I got a higher- 
>> priority
>> item to deal with.
> I've replaced downplayed errors with conforming features that trigger
> warnings. I've also taken the opportunity to trim the list of features
> that trigger this behaviour, so that we keep it to a minimum.

I've implemented and deployed the normative warnings at 

However, I elected not to implement the following:
> For example, a validator could report some pages as "Valid HTML5"  
> and others as "Valid HTML5 with warnings".

I thought we agreed that we don't want multiple conformance classes.

Henri Sivonen

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