Re: another example of HTMl 5 canvas with interactive UI elements.

Joshue O Connor wrote:
> This kind of thing seems to me a ridiculous level of complexity and a
> retrograde step in web development.

Rather than simply rejecting the idea outright, could you elaborate on 
specifically what was wrong with the techniques I described?  Or, better 
yet, could you suggest a simpler approach that provides for such a wide 
range of accessibility issues, including keybaord navigation and various 
forms of assistive technoloy, while still working seamlessly alongside 
the existing mouse based interaction and providing a reasonable level of 
backwards compatibility?

Ignoring the fact that this particular example is, as Maciej pointed 
out, probably better implemented using alternative techniques that don't 
involve canvas, the challenge I attempted to address was to make that 
particular use of canvas accessible in a way that retained the same 
functionality and support for the existing user interaction, using a 
backwards compatible technique that could conceivably be applied to 
other interactive uses of canvas as well.  If there is something else 
that can achieve this, I would be very interested to know what.

Lachlan Hunt - Opera Software

Received on Thursday, 9 July 2009 22:51:41 UTC