[aapi] agenda for July 10

The ARIA Implementation Task Force call will be July 10 at 15:00 UTC on the Zakim bridge
1.617.761.6200 2274 passcode "AAPI"
We'll be on the aapi IRC channel

My apologies for the scheduling snafu last week.  Let's pick up this week with the reorganization of section 4.  I'd also like to schedule an extra meeting early next week to make up for last week, so take a look at your schedules.


*         Section 4 reorganization.  Please read section 4 and bring some ideas on how to better structure it.

*         Schedule a time for extra meeting next week to discuss sections 5 and 6

*         Bugs:  Please resolve 2 bugs before the meeting, and pick one of your bugs for discussion.

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