Re: XHTMLlandmark roles vs ARIA landmark roles

Hi Becky,

> Now that ARIA has many of these should I
> 1) trim the list of XHTML roles to only the ones not found in ARIA 
> (definition, note, secondary, seealso) and still APPEND an ARIA role 
> if one of these roles already exists on an element?
> 2) go back to just allowing one role per element and always replace 
> the existing role attribute when an ARIA attribute is set?

Good questions.  My intuition is to opt for 1) since it is the 
conservative approach -- it does what dojo already does, and won't 
clobber any xhtml role that some author may have put there.  
Nonetheless, it allows that an element can have both an xhtml role (say, 
definition) and an aria-role (say, checkbox).  Does that ever make 
sense?  Not the specific role="definition checkbox" combination; but are 
there xhtml-role/aria-role combinations that might make sense?

Also, I recall a desire to allow multiple roles for purposes of graceful 
degradation.  That is, the role attribute is a list of values ordered 
from most specific to more general.  That way an AT that doesn't 
understand the most specific value can choose a more general one and 
present something meaningful.  But, perhaps that was for aria 2.0.


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