Re: [aria impl] platform mappings, and role vs state

Hi David,

> For example ...
> <span role="checkbox" aria-checked="undefined">
> The role tells us that the object is checkable, and
> the aria-checked="undefined" would normally indicate the object is not
> checkable.

This doesn't answer your question (giving the role the power to override 
the author-declared state); rather, noting that the situation as 
described is self-contradictory.  This is something a checking tool 
should detect and complain about.

A way to look at it is why an author would intentionally write the 
markup as in your example?  Perhaps they think it's the way to declare a 
disabled checkbox (a checkbox that is uncheckable).  But, the markup in 
that case should be:
<span role="checkbox" aria-enabled="false" aria-checked="false">.


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Received on Monday, 12 January 2009 15:40:18 UTC