RE: drag'n'drop is grab'n'drop for non-visual users

aloha, sean!

chapter and verse of the minutes where this discussion took place:

(actually, the discussion begins about a third of the way into the TOPIC,
due to failure to declare a new topic: Drag'n'Drop

if you review the minutes, you will disciver that i originally did 
propose re-using copy and cut commands for selecting items, grabbing 
them, and dropping them -- it was the overwhelming response of those on 
the ARIA call at which this was discussed that control+V and control+C 
have specific meanings outside of the drag'n'drop concept that should 
not impinge on the drag'n'drop operation, hence my suggestion that the 

1. be able to select items to grab using the "standard" commands: 
SHIFT plus SpaceBar to select sequentially and CONTROL plus SpaceBar to
select non-consecutive items

2. be able to grab items using the MODIFIER plus G keystroke AFTER 
selecting the objects to be moved/copied;

3. be able to drop items on a designated target using the MODIFIER plus
D keystroke, once the target is in focus...

i hope this helps, gregory.

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> maybe I'm missing something obvious, but how is this different 
> to copy (or cut) and paste?
> Sean
> proposed keystrokes for action:
> "grab" = Modifier/ Control / Command / Whatever plus g
> "drop" = Modifier/ Control / Command/ Whatever plus d
> items are selected, grabbed, then focus is moved to where
> they need to be stroke on the author-designated target, or wherever
> the user wants them to be dropped
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