Re: [LIKELY JUNK]Re: title/alt attribut keyboard accessibility

I'm not getting the distinction here.  What is the speciality of title that 
it should be singled out in this way and Why should it be done here rather 
than in aria or uaag?  What is important is that anything done be device 
agnostic and device type agnostic as well otherwise, we need a fallback 
cascade which might be difficult to speck.

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We need a UA-specific hotkey for displaying the content of the title 
in the same separate (yellow) popup window as for the mouseover operation.

HTML5 spec definitely should be more precise + complete here.

In Lynx the "title" content could be displayed e.g. in Lynx status area on 

- Stefan

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Steve Faulkner <>, W3C WAI-XTECH <>

Aurélien Levy wrote [1]:

>> Is it possible to have something in the spec to say that the way of
>> rendering the content of the title/alt attribut must be non specific to
>> a certain type of pointing device or is it to the UAAG spec to say
>> something like that ?

Ian Hickson wrote [2]:

> Right now HTML5 doesn't say that user agents should do anything with this
> information. The non-normative rendering section will probably suggest
> current behaviour but hasn't been written yet. (Volunteer editors welcome;
> see the e-mail from earlier today.)

Related: Steve Faulkner's June 6, 2008 bug report "User Agent display
of title attribute content not defined":

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