RE: [LIKELY JUNK]Re: title/alt attribut keyboard accessibility

We need a UA-specific hotkey for displaying the content of the title attribute
in the same separate (yellow) popup window as for the mouseover operation.

HTML5 spec definitely should be more precise + complete here.

In Lynx the "title" content could be displayed e.g. in Lynx status area on request.

- Stefan

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Aurélien Levy wrote [1]:

>> Is it possible to have something in the spec to say that the way of
>> rendering the content of the title/alt attribut must be non specific to
>> a certain type of pointing device or is it to the UAAG spec to say
>> something like that ?

Ian Hickson wrote [2]:

> Right now HTML5 doesn't say that user agents should do anything with this
> information. The non-normative rendering section will probably suggest
> current behaviour but hasn't been written yet. (Volunteer editors welcome;
> see the e-mail from earlier today.)

Related: Steve Faulkner's June 6, 2008 bug report "User Agent display
of title attribute content not defined":

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