[RFC] accessible options for WSC Section 6.5

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in AlG's public comments upon the WSC working draft located at:


it is noted:

2. Section 6.5 contains a table and a bulleted list.
Reviewer's Comments: This section should be restructured as it is
very dificult to understand, when read with a screen reader. We would
like to offer to work with you on a re-styling of this section. Not
to make substantive changes, but to achieve better access.

i originally intended to attach a hypertext file to this post as an 
attempt to present two accessible options for the TABLE contained in the 
working draft at: 


since i didn't reach the level of redundancy (adding axis) to the options 
document, i am putting that document at:


for the WAI's consideration...

note that whilst i retained the original HEAD of the WSC WD, there are 
a few minor changes i needed to effect to the original document source:

1. added BASE HREF in order to make internal links work

2. added the following to the inline STYLE declaration:

   dd.list-break { margin-bottom: 1.5em; }

i also added a "summary", "headers"/"id" bindings, and "scope" to the 
TABLE, and wonder if this TABLE should contain a CAPTION? if so, what 
should the CAPTION contain?  or is the CAPTION really the pseudo-CAPTION
provided by the section heading?  in any event, i think this material 
ill-suited to a TABLE...

personally, i VASTLY prefer the presentation of this information not in 
a TABLE, but in a definition list...  since this is intended to be a 
static document in the future, and since there is only 1 TABLE in the 
entire document, i tried to ensure maximum redundancy in programmatic 
bindings/associations, hence the liberal use of the "title" attribute...

comments, corrections, criticism, additions, and test-results are more
than welcome -- please provide your feedback to the wai-xtech@w3.org 
list, optimally by replying-to this post, so that a thread can be 

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