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Subject: SMIL Timesheets 1.0 Last Call Transition Announcement

Dear All,

  The SYMM Working Group has published its First and Last Call Working
Draft of the  SMIL Timesheets 1.0

This document defines an XML timing language that makes SMIL 3.0 element
and attribute timing control available to a wide range of other XML
languages. This language allows SMIL timing to be integrated into a wide
variety of a-temporal languages, even when several such languages are
combined in a compound document. Because of its similarity with external
style and positioning descriptions in the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
language, this functionality has been termed SMIL Timesheets.

The SYMM WG actively requests members of related WG's to read and
comment on these technologies.

The Last Call review period for this document extends until 15 Febuary
  2008. Please send comments to the public mailing,
  including the prefix'[Timesheets LC comment]' in the subject line.

  In particular, we invite comments from the following groups:

    - Compound Documents Format Working Group
    - CSS Working Group
    - HTML Working Group
    - Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group
    - Members of the Hypertext Coordination Group

  Patent disclosure page of this SYMM WG is at

  The SYMM WG approval for Last Call publication is at
  There is no formal objection associated with this document.

  Best regards,
  Thierry Michel  Team contact, on behalf of the co-Chairs, SYMM
Working Group
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