Re: Which is it? - widget keynav

I would like to think of ARIA in particular as a progressive enhancement 
feature rather than being a solution for everything. While building web 
2.0 apps we do not want to discourage developers from thinking 
symantically about the pages they are building. I think this is 
fundemental for best software practices as well as for web 2.0 apps.

Chris Blouch wrote:
> This is a tough nut to crack. We are trying to make web apps behave 
> like desktop apps and the precedent set forth by various OSes has been 
> discord in some areas of navigation. So do we emulate the desktop to 
> the point where web apps also vary from platform to platform or do we 
> try to extract what a best practice is. Of course we go with a single 
> best practice. That, unfortunately, means there will be winners and 
> losers. For the losers there is the loss of potentially years of 
> muscle memory from consistent object-action bindings. Obviously the 
> choices will be hard and should not be driven by platform dominance, 
> but we must either choose unity and consistency between 
> browsers/platforms or it the same old dichotomy all over again. One of 
> the alluring aspects of the web was platform or user-agent 
> agnosticism. Some suffering by some users now for a consistent widget 
> behavior for everyone later seems a worthy cost. The age old common 
> good argument.
> CB
> Joseph Scheuhammer wrote:
>>> As an example, many people already understand how to operate a treeview
>>> from the MS OS.  Therefore it makes sense to mimic that keyboard
>>> behavior in the same type of widget on the web.
>> Except...those people who use Macs.  They are used to its treeview 
>> key navigation, so it seem odd to them to switch gears to the web 
>> tree widget.
>> Which doesn't answer the question re: sticking to the platform's key 
>> navigation vs. overriding.  It just adds fuel to fire (to switch 
>> metaphors).

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