RE: perpendicular split pane control (3 panes: 1 vertical, 2 horizontal)

We currently use F6 for skipping of containers (and complex elements,
e.g tables, too).

Say you have 2 logical and technical groups on a page, (not necessary
fieldsets, may be also divs with tabindex that contain other elements)
then you can press F6 anytime to exit from one group and enter/focus the
next group.
We don't rely on AT functionality here. We believe that basic skipping
support for groups should already be implemented in every
accessibility-enabled JS-based Framework.

Despite of that, F6 for frames in a frameset still works. Regarding
Spilt panes, a special general accesskey definition for explicit
focusing is on my wish list (why F8 ????). 

Additionally, I don't think split pane chevrons should be in the tab
chain by default.

- Stefan

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Hi All;

The "standard" in Java/Swing and Microsoft's UI toolkit [and 
IBM's guidelines] appears to be pressing the F6 moves between 
panes and pressing F8 gives focus to the Splitter Bar itself. 
 From there, the user interacts with the up-down, left-right 
movement depending on whether the splitter bar is an up-down or 
left-right type of splitter.

A question for the list: Can't these key sequences be used? If 
they can't, why?


David Poehlman wrote:

> Bringing in my voiceover experience, we adjust the splitter with the 
> keyboard.  It does not tell us much except that we are moving it up or
> or left or right depending on the orientation of the splitter.  most
of us 
> prefer in mail that the preview splitter close the preview to take it
> the scren.  one reason for this is that as we keyboard our way through

> message lists, each message touched turns to read which we do not
> anothe rreason is that many of us feel that having the preview of the 
> message on the screen is too much clutter and not worth the sacrifice
> having to press enter to open a message which results from removing
> I hope this helps some.
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> Subject: perpendicular split pane control (3 panes: 1 vertical, 2 
> horizontal)
> at yesterday's ARIA workgroup call, we discussed the issue of "Split
> control implementation"
> at first, split pane control was addressed as a binary choice:
> 1. expand/contract left-right, or
> 2. expand/contract up-down
> i observed that in GUI systems, applications, such as GUI FTP
> email clients, calendaring software, authoring tools, etc. often have
> splits - one vertical and another horizontal
> al gilman noted that on the mac side of things, that this situation is
> part of the default presentation of applemail -- the left bar has
> folders,
> the top segment of the right column is unfoldable, the bottom pane
> horizontally into a preview and message list -- noting that this
> presented
> a viable use case for 3 heirarchies
> al elaborated on the applemail example:
>      the top thing is not unfoldable. It is a preview pane. The folder
>      listing appears in the top big part of the right hand column, the
>      preview pane contains the preview of message;  It is clear that
>      it is dividing the width into two columns. The second is
>      splitting the right hand column into an upper and lower part
> when asked by RichS if i as a blind user would prefer direct control
> the split pane or have the pane delimiters included in the tab order,
> replied that in the ideal world, i would leave it to the user to
choose --
> for some it will be easier to accomplish resizing panes with direct
> control, but some users may prefer or require the resizing widgets to
> in the tab navigation order...  in the real world, however, direct
> control/acces to the slider outside of normal navigation order is
> probably the best solution...  i asked if this was something which
> be addressed at the DHTML call today, and so the decision was made to
> slider for split pane control at the moment, but to discuss the
> ramifications of perpendicular resizing and possible keyboard
> implementation thereof with the DHTML group...
> al noted that if we aren't careful, an application may end up pointing
> 3 things with selection of the first container, and so it was decided
> add this as an issue for the upcoming PF face2face meetings in venice,
> after soliciting the opinions of the DHTML group
> as al summed up the state of the spliter proposal -- one can use
> but what does that mean in terms of keyboard navigation, placement,
> etc.
> would it be possible to discuss this at today's meeting?
> thank you and apologies for the short notice,
> gregory.
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