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Re: DHTML Keyboard Meeting: discussion about grid navigation

From: Earl Johnson <earlj.biker@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 11:24:13 -0700
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To: "Schnabel, Stefan" <stefan.schnabel@sap.com>
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Hi Stefan;

This navigation model uses the Tab key to move input focus out of a grid in
display only mode. or to the next grid cell [in edit mode]. The input focus
moves in a fashion closer to how it would work if javascript was turned off..
The data table grid name suggests spreadsheet-like behavior to me.
   - If this is the type data table grid your write up refers to then what
happens when an arrow key is pressed?

I believe a grid in grid type scenario was discussed and is being used in a
   - I can see how focus would move up a grid level when it's pressed in the
writeup but how does the user navigate down into a child grid?
       = Maybe a Tab press move focus down then back up if a grid cell
contains a grid?

To all - it seemed to me the discussion went between navigating from grid to
grid and navigating in tabular data formatted in a spreadsheet-like format.
   - Is one goal to define how to travel between data table grids and from
cell to cell in a data table grid?
      = The two types of grid navigation, intra and extra, should be clearly
separated in the styleguide if yes.


On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 1:02 AM, Schnabel, Stefan

>  Hi all,
> This is what I understood from Tuesdays discussion what makes sense for
> "SAP and Oracle type grids" having one potentially editable item per cell:
> Begin Edit Mode:
> - Enter or F2 on editable cell
> - Alphanumeric key on editable cell
> End Edit Mode:
> - Enter to confirm last changes
> - ESC to undo last changes
> TAB in Display-Only Mode:
> - Leaves Grid
> TAB in Edit Mode:
> - Confirms last changes, moves to the next editable cell and activates its
> edit mode
> - If next cell is not editable, simply focuses next cell*** and restores
> Display-Only mode*
>  If we allow for grids with MORE than one item per grid cell (Jon
> Gunderson idea of grids) we need to*** change the TAB meaning entirely.***
> * Here, TAB here is not any more used to leave and re-enter the grid.*****
> ***Therefore, w****e need an additional skipping key* to leave anytime the
> grid and focus the next element after the grid and an inverse key
> combination to restore the focus on the last position in the grid. We have
> already proposed (and implemented, it works!):
> ->  CTRL+TAB / SHIFT+CTRL+TAB (or F6 / SHIFT+F6) for that
> The idea is as follows:
> 0) Navigation between grid cells with multiple items is done with arrow
> keys as usual
> 1) TAB shall be used to *enter* a grid cell having multiple items
> 2) TAB shall be used for navigation within the different cell items of a
> grid cell
> 3) TAB will *exit* this cell also again and focus the next cell
> 4) Navigation with arrow keys will be re-activated (if next cell contains
> also multiple items, it is necessary to press TAB again to enter)
> Note that this approach requires that there  *should* be a (custom)
> property of a grid cell that it contains multiple items and the JS/User
> Agent keyboard handler will adjust TAB key behavior accordingly (on single
> content, TAB will simply go to next cell like arrow right)
> Of course, the skipping approach with CTRL+TAB instead of TAB can be also
> been applied to ordinary "SAP grids" as we actually already do.
> Best Regards
> Stefan
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