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Hi Becky,
 Can we simplify this?
1. Down Arrow will enter the list of suggestions (if there are any) at any
point during typing and browse through the list upon subsequent presses.
2. Up Arrow will either scroll out of the list (back into the text field) or
browse up the list of suggestions.
3. When and if the list of suggestions appears, the user should be notified
with a short message "there are xxx matches" or something of that sort.
4. Escape will completely clear the text field or Backspace will delete
character by character.
Considering that assistive technologies should correctly announce the type
of the control the user is in, switching in and ut of the list of
suggestions should not be a problem.
I agree with all of the other points you suggest.

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We discussed the auto-complete widget at the April 29, 2008 DHTML Style
Guide meeting.  I have updated this proposal based on our discussions and
included it as an html attachment. 

Note that I changed the behavior to better mimic the HTML select element. 
This means that the arrow keys do not wrap around the list of choices. 
This is getting fairly complex!

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