Re: Fw: rangeslider, a "Tale of Two Thumbs"

David, Becky,

Aaron, Pete, and I met with Freedom Scientific. Here is a suggested range
slider implementation that would work in ARIA 1.0:

- Implement as two separate accessible sliders using aria
- Implement a controls relationship on each with a reference to the other
- Set the title attribute on each button to say "Range Maximium" and "Range
- set tabindex="0" on each
- Use arrow keys to mainipulate the thumb like slider
- A change in on will effect the valuemax or valuemin of the other

We felt it was too late to try to get a step or increment value in ARIA 1.0
and there are accessibility API issues. We will be discussing rangeslider
in the PF working group to reach consensus on this.

Will this meet your needs?


Received on Wednesday, 23 April 2008 15:00:56 UTC