Re: One more thought about requiring the alt to add to the pile

Steven Faulkner wrote:
> I am as yet unconvinced of the
> desirability of a required alt. [...]
>> One thing I am commited to  is exploring all view points, before
>> making a decision

That pretty much sums up how I feel at this point. FWIW I am also not 
wedded to the idea though I have specific concerns which I have 
mentioned previously. They are largely to do with how UAs (in particular 
screen readers) will deal with images that do not have @alt values or a 
alt="". It looks like older users will be stuck with crappy heuristics 
but this is not to say newer UA cannot be designed to handle these 
situations better.

Maybe @alt should be abandoned altogether, use of aria described by (or 
similar) could be designed to cover many of these issues/edge cases that 
have been discussed ad nauseum



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