RE: rangeslider, a "Tale of Two Thumbs"

My take is that  the semantics, need and usage for it  should be determined
first before one expends time  figuring keyboard behavior.


In truth the more I see  some of these widgets in use I really wonder where
the good old HTML controls are lacking. I agree tree menus and some such are
not available in HTML but I do not see the point of coding an image with an
onclick / mouseover event (and CSS effects) to resemble a button for
instance. (I cannot find any pointers in the ARIA roadmap and associated
docs). I see applications designed with regular buttons in one place and  an
image coded as above in another within the same application. So I wonder who
is gaining from this. Certainly keyboard access is a loser. 


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Feel free to propose a keyboard behavior and then join a style guide call
held Tuesdays at noon Eastern and we will discuss.









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The keyboard interaction is a style guide question. The lack of semantics
for it is a PFWG question. 

- Aaron 

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rangeslider,  a "Tale of Two Thumbs"




Someone in the #dojo channel (on freenode) asked today about what 
keystroke interaction to use for a range slider. It seems this widget, a 
slider with two thumbs, is becoming less rare. Are we looking at 
keyboard interaction for this beast?


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