Re: there are markup options [was: Re: img/alt summary attempt]

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Al Gilman wrote:
> In terms of meeting the HTML5 performance goals of minimizing 
> disruption, disruption to the accessibility checking community has to be 
> included as relevant.  Here, leaving @alt as a required attribute and 
> @alt="" as the code for "suitable to ignore" has performance benefits in 
> terms of not disrupting incumbent practice.  But this has to be weighed 
> against the potential benefits of change, and the steps taken to 
> mitigate the negative effects of change.

The problem is that there are _three_ states, not two:

 1. Image is not important. (alt="")
 2. Image is important, alternative text is available. (alt="...")
 3. Image is important, alternative text is not available.

Case 3 is the one we are discussing. Cases 1 and 2 are well understood and 
nobody is suggesting changing them.

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