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It's not common, but here is a use case on the desktop today:
In an installer, you may have a tree view of components to select. Each 
item in the tree view is a tristate checkbox. If only some of the some 
items are checked, then the checkbox is shown as "mixed".

- Aaron

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RE: Style guide: tristatecheckbox

I question the concept of a partially checked checkbox.
Checkbox and radio buttons are meant to hold  just the 2 boolean values: 
yes or no.
If one can have  a 3 state checkbox  (to correspond to Yes, No, Not sure), 
then why not a 5 state checkbox (that corresponds with something like 
Strongly agree, Agree, Not decided, Disagree, Strongly disagree)?
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Subject: Style guide: tristatecheckbox

The below definition conflicts with itself. 
If the item is partially checked, space rotates through checked, unchecked 
and then partially checked again. 
However, the first bullet says if it's not checked that space  checks it! 

Is the implementation supposed to have 2 different code paths for 
unchecked checkboxes depending on whether it was originally partially 

- Aaron 
Three State Check Box 
If not checked, space checks the check box 
If checked, space unchecks the check box 
If partially checked, space will rotate through checked, unchecked, and 
partially checked states.

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