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Le 14 avr. 2008 à 11:36, Leif Halvard Silli a écrit :
> The difference from "transitional" is that 'unready' should be  
> something that is meant to be temporary, for each document. And not  
> like the proposed WYSIWYG flag which, just as the trasinsitional  
> types, are offered as a less strivt version of HTML. 'Unready' is  
> mean to help the author reach the goal. It is not meant as an  
> alternative goal.

"meant to be", "should", etc.
The issue is crippling into the language. "Transitional" is almost  
never used as it was "meant to be", nor implemented in such a way to  
help the transition. I guess it's a case of bad design choice, that  
was difficult to know in advance that it would be. But we can try to  
avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Karl Dubost - W3C
Be Strict To Be Cool

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