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But don't people using screen readers need to know about menu items that are disabled?


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>Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 12:32:48 -0400
>From: "Becky Gibson" <>  
>Subject: [STYLE GUIDE] Modified menu proposal  
>The proposal for navigation of menus and menubars is documented in the PF 
>Wiki [1].  I don't believe that menu behavior has been finalized, thus, I 
>would like to propose a modification to the behavior described. 
>Specifically I propose that, in order to match the behavior for disabled 
>buttons, disabled menu items do NOT receive focus.  This is consistent 
>with how the Macintosh treats menu items and buttons but is different than 
>Windows.  I think it makes sense for widget focus to behave consistently 
>within Web Applications hosted within the browser. 
>The Dojo Open Source widget tookit is planning to implement a consistent 
>focus behavior for the widgets.  Disabled buttons will not receive focus, 
>disabled buttons within a toolbar will not receive focus, and disabled 
>menu items will not receive focus.  However, we would appreciate feedback 
>from this group.
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