Experimental: ARIA enabled pages:

I sent this to Aaron and the Mozilla dev list earlier this
afternoon (where it's awaiting moderator approval).
here it is in the meantime --- 
this was probably the correct list to start with anyway.

Hi Aaron,

As I had mentioned to you privately, we've been adding ARIA
support to some of our UI libraries from the ground-up. It's far from being
complete, but the way things work around here, code gets
progressively pushed out. One consequence of this is that if you
go to the following:

http://reader.google.com (Google Reader)
http://www.google.com/notebook (Google Notebook)

you'll see that at least some of the AJAX widgets have ARIA
properties. The reason I call this experimental is that we're
making no claims about how these apps work end-to-end with
screenreaders --- which is why I do not consider this ready for

However, it's definitely of interest to Firefox and AT developers
working on ARIA. We welcome the following forms of feedback:

A) Bits of our ARIA support that work or could be made better.
B) What users find working for them.

In the spirit of "Release early, Release often", I hope this
helps the Firefox community exercise its ARIA support--


Best Regards,

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