Announcing SpeakupModified Fedora 8 Kernels & Firefox RPMS

The SpeakupModified Fedora Distribution is pleased to announce key new
RPM packages for the recently released Fedora 8, "Werewolf." New RPMS
for Fedora 7 are also now available and include:

*	The newly released Firefox 3 Beta

*	SpeakupModified 2.6.23 kernels

*	Our 2.6.23 kernel patch which Speakup enables current Linux
*	kernels and fixes the clipboard problem. Our thanks to Ed
*	Greenberg for this patch.

As always, you can download our RPMS directly from our web site, via
ftp, or via rsync. Better still, use yum with our repository to keep
your Fedora stylishly up to date.


While not yet available, we are again working to provide installation
images for Fedora 8. Meanwhile, if you're like us and just can't wait to
hear the Werewolf singing on your system, we invite you to follow our
telnet instructions for accessible Fedora installation. Be certain also
to note the Audio Caution posted on our web site.


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Received on Thursday, 15 November 2007 04:08:33 UTC