headers attribute (was Re: Form elements)

Thomas Broyer wrote:

> The point is that, as actually designed, HTML5 define *one* way of
> processing HTML that is compatible with what browsers do today.


 > HTML5, by design, tries to reduce browsers incompatibilities by
 > standardizing their current behaviors. The goal is not to have "yet
 > another standards mode".

In that case, I wonder: why do we actually have the "headers attribute 
in tables" debate? Current screen readers (assuming that you generally 
meant "user agents" when saying "browsers") support them and use them. 
Not including them in the spec would result in breakage - unless we're 
hoping that any heuristics that were defined to compensate for the 
removal of headers will still be able to silently extract the same 
information from the table while ignoring the headers themselves and 
treating them as invalid code?

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