RE: Creating a color palette

We went with the image approach so that the colors are still visible in 
high contrast mode.  If the actual colors are a problem, the user can then 
turn off images and use the alternative or title text for the image. There 
is also not a separate image for each color - just a blank image which is 
reused for spacing/layout and an overlay image of the entire grid of 

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RE: Creating a color palette

We at SAP would try first focuseable cells with background coloring and 
title attribute filled and no images (except mayby a non-focuseable 
spacer.gif for layout, but &nbsp; will do the job also, I think), so, why 
having discrete images for each color? Rendering limitations? 
a plus for clickable image map is that it allows for non-rectangle shaped 
color-selection maps. what about having/demanding for keyboard-navigable 

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We had this call. The color palette should be a grid with cell navigation. 
Each grid cell should have an image with title text containing a 
translatable color, like red, and the RGB value.

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Re: Creating a color palette

At 3:21 PM -0400 11 04 2007, Becky Gibson wrote:
>The dojo toolkit has a color palette for selecting colors. We are 
>to implement this as a rectangular image map with color blocks organized
>in a table layout.   Using an image map allows the actual colors to still
>remain visible in high contrast mode and it can be made keyboard
>accessible.   I am wondering how to identify this component?  There is no
>explicit role for color picker but it seems there should be some role
>given to the component so the user has some idea about navigation.   Does
>it make sense to mark this up as a table or grid?   Although it is only a
>grid/table by virtue of the implementation strategy.  There is also an
>imggroup role but I'm not sure that makes sense either?  Does this even
>need an additional role beyond the image map itself?

If you are picking colors from a discrete palette, you might consider a
role of 'select' since it doesn't sound as though you would let this
be multi-selectable.


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