Re: HTML WG needs complex tables with accessible markup

aloha, gez!

i took your advice and added the merriam-webster table in its raw form to 
the HTML WG's wiki space:

Wiki Discussion of HTML Table Accessibility:

which also points to a test page i built using the CSS2 Table syntax:

adapted from an example in the CSS2 TR - more details about the origins of 
the test page (the subject line is quote example of TABLE using id/header 
and axis (adapted from CSS2, Section 17.7) unquote) is archived at:



---- Gez Lemon <> wrote, quote:
> >
> This table will be useful to the HTML working group (in its current
> form, marked up correctly with just scope, marked up correctly with
> just the headers attribute, and marked up correctly with both scope
> and the headers attribute), but they're also after irregular tables,
> where the headers for a particular data cell aren't necessarily in the
> same row or column. Although this table is complex in that there are
> multiple layers of headers, they're easily resolved using the scope
> attribute. They need examples that can't be resolved with scope, and
> requires the headers attribute to unambiguously associate headers with
> data cells. They're aware that the headers attribute is better
> supported by assistive technology than scope, but aren't convinced
> that there is a need for the attribute, as every example they've seen
> would work with just the scope attribute.

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