HTML WG needs complex tables with accessible markup

aloha, one and all!

the HTML Working Group is in search of complex table examples, with and 
without the accessibility features defined for TABLE in HTML4/XHTML1, 
and the mother of all tables i know of is located at:

it's about as complex as one can get...  i have previously worked on it
extensively, correcting the code, validating the code, adding a summmary, 
headers, ids, scope, axis and all the other accessibility features 
pertaining to TABLE, but i cannot find an uncorrupted copy of my work 
due to the death of my data, so i guess i'll start in on it again...

my question to everyone in the WAI is: does anyone have examples of truly 
complex, yet accessible, tables?  does WCAG or EO have a complex table 
test page handy?

this is our opportunity to do some serious in-reach, as well as out-

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Received on Wednesday, 6 June 2007 00:34:15 UTC