DHTML Style Guide Meeting Summary 8-24


*	Lisa Pappas
*	Becky Gibson
*	Chris Blouch
*	Don Evans
*	Al Gillman
*	Earl Johnson
*	Jon Gunderson



*	Tom Wlodkowski



*	Buttons have 3 states:  Pressed, Not Pressed, Mixed State. And 1
property:  Disabled

	*	Example  If you have a text editor with some text bold
and some italic.  If you select the bold, the bold button becomes
pressed.  If you select the italic, the italic button becomes pressed,
what happens if you select both?

*	Radio Buttons:

	*	Left and Right arrows have the same function as the up
and down arrows  
	*	Space bar will select the button the first time.

*	Accordion Widget 

	*	will be taken to PFWG as a possible new use case.



Agenda for September 7th meeting:

1.	Review Radio Buttons:  

	a.	When tabbing into a Radio Group that has nothing
selected should focus go to the first button, the last button, or the
radio group?  
	b.	Also, John would like to revisit the requirement about

2.	We will continue the discussion about the Accordion behavior
after Earl has time to rethink the use of the Tab key and has taken the
discussion to the PFWG.
3.	Review Menu after Becky reviews her notes
4.	Tabindex and Focus as a discussion is recommended by Becky.
5.	Context Help and use cases like prolog.
6.	AXS Library




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