Re: DHTML WG Next Meeting August 31 at 12:00 Eastern

At 1:10 PM -0400 22 08 2007, Evans, Donald wrote:
>The style guide working group is scheduled to meet every other 
>Friday.  The next meeting is on August 31 at 12:00 noon Eastern Time.
>Please use the following conference bridge:
>id: 51999
>Agenda for next week
>        Continue discussion of Radio Buttons if Jon Gunderson is available.
>        left/right arrows to move between radio buttons in addition 
>to up/down arrows.
>        Accordion Container and the documentation sent by Earl.
>        Review Menu after Becky reviews her notes
>        Tabindex and Focus as a discussion is recommended by Becky.
>        Context Help and use cases like prolog.
>        AXS Library

Something I would like to get on the agenda sometime:

Becky has suggested that we need a 'mixed' state value for buttons
comparable to the similar state for tristate checkboxes.

My question for this group is:

If we add a mixed value for the 'pressed' state of buttons, will it have
the same behavior as a tristate checkbox, to wit:


Three State Check Box

             If not checked, [activate] checks the check box

             If checked, [activate] unchecks the check box

             If partially checked, [activate] unchecks the box and unchecks
all children boxes.

[the mixed state is only entered as a byproduct of user actions on
other controls in a 'details' (or equivalent) dialog.]


PS:  May I suggest that we change "unchecks all children boxes" to
"resets all associated detail controls."  The detail controls are
not necessarily all checkboxes.


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