Re: QA & A11y question: new w3c validator interface

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On 20/08/07, Gregory J. Rosmaita <> wrote:
> the new W3C validator interface
> is intended to hide the "advanced" options from the user, unless
> the "More Options" link is activated, but when i access the page
> using MSIE7 and the latest build of JAWS 8x, the entire content
> of the form, including the visually obscured portion is
> articulated; moreover, when i tab navigate the form, the tab
> navigation moves from invisible checkbox to invisible form control,
> until reaching the submit button...

This is a good example of where display: none is required to hide the
content from everyone, including screen reader users. Activating one
of the tabs should reveal the content for the selected tab, and hide
the content for all other tabs from everyone.

At the moment, the hidden content under "More Options" is available to
everyone, except for sighted mouse users. Sighted keyboard users have
to tab through all of the interface controls under "More options"
without any indication of where the cursor is, and consequently would
have no idea of the interface control that has focus. Even when a
sighted user has tabbed through the hidden interface element, they
would have to pay considerable attention, as it isn't visually evident
which form control has focus, even for form controls that are visible
on the screen. The validator would benefit greatly from visible focus
highlighting, and using display: none to remove hidden interface
elements so that keyboard users, including assistive technology users,
didn't have to tab through interface elements that shouldn't be there.

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